Crystals for Caregiving and Self-Love

Crystals for Caregiving and Self-Love

It is vital for your overall mental as well as physical health that you start showing some love for yourself. Although thinking and doing good for others is a necessary element of life, you must not neglect the importance of self-love as well. There are a lot of benefits associated with self-love and the first and foremost benefit is that you start making healthy choices and discard negative attitudes. This, in turn, helps you to be more energetic, hopeful and loving in your life. You also develop huge self-respect which helps you to move ahead in life. These feelings of caregiving and self-love can be amplified by using healing crystals. These crystals have unique properties of their own which assist in balancing, energizing and supporting your Chakras to bring about a physical and emotional balance. These stones are a must-have in your arsenal if you actually wish to promote a caring a self-loving attitude in yourself. A few of them are mentioned below:

1. Rose quartz: Known as the ‘stone of universal love’, rose quartz is a stone that has been there with us for centuries to promote everything that is loving and beautiful. This stone is known to be the best when it comes to caregiving and self-care because it opens your heart to accept and impart everything that is positive in your surroundings. It inspires you to see the beauty in yourself and offers comfort and reassurance to your mind.

2. Red Jasper: This stone teaches you how to value yourself and others around you. It tells you that even you are an important part of this world and should take proper care of yourself. Red jasper connects you to the earth through the Root chakra which helps you to seek self-love and acceptance. This stone tells you to prioritize timings for yourself which leads to increased self-confidence and self-worth.

3. Moonstone: Filled with the feminine energy of the moon, this stone is sure to teach you the true essence of self-love. Not only does this stone have gentle vibes that clear negativity but also has a loving aura that makes you pamper yourself more than others. Moonstone excels at stabilizing your emotions and makes you realize the importance of self-acceptance and caregiving. This stone is so gentle, that once you start using it, you will notice that you have started thinking more about your overall health and psychology rather than other people.

4. Aventurine: Known as the ‘crystal of opportunity’, aventurine has been known to boost courage, strength, and self-confidence. This stone helps you to release all the toxic thoughts and grudges you have been holding for many years. It is a perfect stone if you ever feel stressed or depressed because it transmutes the negativity into positivity and amplifies self-love. This stone interacts with your solar plexus or heart chakra and clears any energy blockages inside them.

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