Crystals for Car Protection to Keep in Your Car

Crystals for Car Protection to Keep in Your Car

Automobiles have become an integral part of our everyday life. Whenever we need to go from one place another, our first option is either a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler. However, if you wish to travel with your friends or family, then you normally opt for a car. With an increase in road-rage, careless driving and traffic rule infringements all over the world, this journey with your loved ones might take some sudden unexpected turn and hence it becomes very important to protect and bless your car from mishaps. Fortunately, there are a few crystals that help to create positive vibes around your car and make your journey enjoyable. However, you must remember that these crystals will only aid in warding off any negative elements from your car and will assist you only if you are a sensible driver who follows all the traffic rules and drives with due caution. Following is a list of few crystals that you can carry with yourself or keep in your car for its protection:

1. Black Tourmaline: This stone is known to form a protective shield around you to keep off any unwanted negative energies from entering your car. Black tourmaline is also helpful to remove toxic thoughts from your mind that may compromise with your driving ability. This stone is highly powerful and is a must-have in your arsenal for offering protection to your car. You can place it under the driver’s seat where it is most effective.

2. Amethyst: This stone is known to promote safe travel and helps your vehicle to function properly without any problem. This stone also transmutes the negative energies in your car and fills it with more positive and vibrant energies that also help to enhance your journey. This stone forms a deep connection with its owner and helps him to think in an optimistic manner. You can either keep this crystal in your glove compartment or you can wear it in the form of a pendant.

3. Selenite: This stone is known to cleanse and purify the energy inside your car. Selenite removes all the traces of toxicity from your vehicle and keeps the energy field inside the car vibrating at the highest level. This powerful stone is also known to offer good luck and protection and shield a person from outside influences. You can keep this stone under the passenger seat where it will help to keep them protected and happy.

4. Clear quartz: As the name suggests, this stone is used to offer clarity to your mind while driving. The powerful healing properties of this crystal offer the necessary protection to you while driving. Clear quartz also enhances your focus so that you drive with much more concentration. This stone activates your Crown Chakra which can help to avoid accidents. You can place this crystal on the centre console so that it will remain close to the driver, thereby promoting safety of the overall car.

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