Crystals For Breathing Difficulties

Crystals For Breathing Difficulties
Disclaimer: Crystals mentioned in the article below are not meant to be an alternative to the doctor’s medicine but rather a complement to it. Medical advice is must if you are facing any lung-related issues.
Breathing difficulty can be a result of a simple cold or flu or even asthma and other such lung problems. Some people have difficulty breathing just by getting cold, others with excess heat and humidity. Bad habits like smoking and even stress can lead to such difficulties.
You can use crystals to help stabilize and support your respiratory system to bring relief from breathing difficulties. They can provide an ongoing process that may also relieve the constant need for medical intervention. Following is a list of few such crystals that can offer relief from such issues:


This is a popular healing stone for breathing and lung issues. The warm vibrations of this stone can bring healing where it is needed the most. The metaphysical properties of this crystal are helpful for the mucous membrane of the lungs. This crystal resonates with the throat and is a powerful chakra cleanser and healer.


This crystal guard against dissipating your energy and coaches you in how to conserve your energy at the physical level. This crystal treats chronic exhaustion and is supportive for breathing difficulties such as asthma and congested lungs. This crystal facilitates the practice of circular breathing.


This crystal is used to offer grounding and balance to your life. It can be the perfect stone to have if you are under stress and need to feel calm and centred. This crystal can help to clear away any negative feelings which occur from stress or anxiety.


This crystal helps to oxygenate and restructure disordered cells, clears the lungs, treats the nervous system and relieves stress-related illnesses. This crystal is very useful when used separately and in conjunction with other treatments for asthma, tuberculosis etc.

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