crystal-braceletCrystals are more than just beautiful rocks to hold and admire–they have been used for thousands of years for their healing properties. Among these healing powers, crystals and stones can be a great way to boost your immune system to stay in the best health possible. There are crystals that are often carved into beads that can be worn as a bracelet to help stay healthy and strong.

The immune system protects you from illness and disease. If it is not well, our health may be at risk. A balanced diet, regular exercise, and healing stones and crystals will keep it functioning at its best. Emotions can greatly influence the immune system. Being angry, sad, and other negative emotional states can weaken the immunity if experienced over a long period of time. One way crystals help with strengthening the immune system is by their calming, balancing, and regulating powers on the emotions. By wearing these bracelets it can give the body the daily boost it needs to protect.

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Choose crystal options listed below for boosting immunity from the following set of crystals.

Clear Quartz

is considered to be the master healer of all stones. It cleanses the immune system, purifies organs, and removes toxins that weaken one’s health. Clear quartz also brings the entire body into balance and harmony.


is a natural tranquilizer, promoting deep peace and reducing stress. Stress is toxic and is known to weaken the immune system. Amethyst is also a cleansing stone and enhances sleep quality.


is a powerful ally for immunity and mental health. It promotes the oxygenation of the brain, which is essential for proper blood circulation. Tourmaline also emits small doses of infrared radiation that serve as charges to boost immune system function and body detoxification.

Green Aventurine

provides support in fighting the flu, and it helps to soothe and ease flu symptoms. This dark green crystal also promotes the health of all the organs involved in immune system responses. Aventurine can give you the boost needed to power through any illness.


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