Crystals for Back Pain

Modern work life is food for terrible back pain that many people wake up with every day. A standard workday involves people sitting in a chair in front of a screen for hours and hours before returning home and decompressing by sitting in front of the television.

A lack of physical activity causes this pain and bending your back in weird shapes throughout the day. Weird sleeping habits also cause it. It's called sciatic pain, which means the sciatic nerve is pinched because of the bad posture and pains the entire lower boy starting from the lower back.

At best, it is a discomfort of a level that you notice all day and tries to adjust. At its worst, however, lower back pain can be hell. Fortunately, crystal healing has some answers that you might like! With the combination of the right crystals, you can connect with the healing vibrations and feel some relief. So here are the crystals that can help you with that hellish sciatic pain.

Selenite- Selenite is a stone reputed to have the highest frequency vibrations in the crystal kingdom. It is a protection stone from mental diarrhea and psychic attacks.
When people tend to fill their heads with terrible ideas, Selenite can protect you. It is perfect for physical pains like back/spine issues, neck pains, and RSI. Selenite is ideal for clearing blockages, making way for its vibrations to produce healing energy for physical pains.
This is a stone known for soothing energy, which helps mental, emotional, and physical healing. It dispels negative energy trapped in the nervous system, relieving physical pain, especially sciatic pain.
Lepidolite- Lepidolite strengthens the immune system and makes you less vulnerable to getting ill. This includes your body's efficiency in recovering from physical pain, including the one in your lower back.
It is known for its detoxifying properties, which keeps your skin and tissues clean and replenished. A big reason for lower back pain is stress and anxiety; any psychologist can tell you how mental issues can manifest in physical problems. Lepidolite is a stone that can calm your mental state, in turn helping your body feel better.
Carnelian- Many times, your back hurts lack physical activity, which is caused by a lack of vitality and energy. That is where Carnelian comes into play.
It is a perfect stone to make you feel full of life, maybe even motivate you to indulge in healthy habits such as exercising and doing something about that back pain. It is filled with the sun's energy and is an excellent stone to keep close when practicing yoga.

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