Crystals for Air Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Crystals for Air Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
Every zodiac sign has its own set of qualities or traits that clearly define them.
These signs play a vital part in our lives and determine how we deal with ourselves and the world around us.
However, there are times when the traits of a particular zodiac gain an upper hand in an individual’s life.
This affects him emotionally as well as physically and makes him angry, stressed, depressed or demotivated.
Fortunately, there are certain crystals that help to overcome the traits of a particular zodiac and offer peace of mind and positivity to those individuals.
Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are among the zodiac signs that fall under the air element.
People belonging to these signs are intelligent and love to live their life freely. They have a very resilient attitude and are generally very open in nature.
For people who belong to these zodiac signs but face problems when it comes to developing the qualities mentioned above, crystals can be of great help.
These magical stones will help in a variety of ways to overcome your traits and will impart you the required strength to deal with complex issues.

Following is a list of crystals that can help in healing the people belonging to Gemini, Libra & Aquarius.



This crystal is known as the “sunstone of Gemini” and helps to attract bright energy and offers protection to the user.
Agate helps Gemini people to deal with stress and other outside pressure.
This stone can also help to offer relief from bad dreams and negativity and instills a sense of optimism in the user.



The curious nature of the Gemini people can sometimes prove to be harmful for them because they tend to get bored very easily as compared to other people. Citrine is a stone that balances these emotions and keeps Gemini people grounded.
This is a strong manifestation stone that can help to overcome fear and impatience.
Citrine also attracts money, boosts willpower and creates a feeling of abundance.



This is the most common stone which is associated with Libra.
Peridot is known to balance the Heart Chakra and generates a feeling of love and compassion inside everyone.
In addition to this, peridot encourages understanding and wisdom and helps to heal emotional wounds.



This is a very powerful healing stone and is very beneficial for the Librans.
It increases their intuitive and creative skills and makes them take the right decisions.
This is a very grounding and protecting stone that helps to overcome negative influences and electromagnetic stress.



This stone expands knowledge and truth inside Aquarians.
It also helps them to overcome sorrow, grief, and anger.
Apatite aligns the mind with a specific goal and makes sure that you give your best while working towards that goal.
The inspirational properties of this stone allow Aquarians to gain new heights in their life.



This is a very gentle stone that proves to be very effective for Aquarians.
It also offers a sense of fearlessness and courage to these individuals which helps them to overcome complex situations.
The stubborn and inflexible nature of the Aquarians can be easily overcome with the help of gentle vibes of this stone.

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