Crystals for adventure | Healing Stones for adventure

Crystals for adventure | Healing Stones for adventure

It is said that going on an adventure helps to gain new experiences in life and find your inner self. These adventure trips can be overwhelming sometimes as you often find yourself in unknown territory with strangers. People often feel scared and get stuck mentally as they are unable to figure out how to proceed in the right direction. Thankfully, nature has gifted us amazing crystals that can be used to overcome emotional and physical blockages that hold you back from enjoying your adventure. These crystals work on the way you think and perceive things that are put forth while traveling in an unknown land. They help to eradicate every bit of toxicity from your mind and help you to relax during stressful times.

Following is the list of such crystals:

1. Malachite: This stone is believed to be a guardian stone for people who love to travel a lot. It is said that if there is an impending danger, then malachite will warn you in one way or another so that you will be able to prepare for it. This is a stone of transformation which helps you to balance the fluctuations in energy that occur whenever you set out on an adventure. It gives you the required presence of mind to overcome any difficulties that confront you.

2. Moonstone: This traveler’s stone is filled with soothing energy which calms down your mind and prevents you from being agitated at minor changes. It also forms a protective shield around you and wards of any negative energy that might harm you on your journey. This is a very uplifting stone that brings good fortune and grants your wishes as well. You can even keep a moonstone in your luggage to make sure it doesn’t get lost.

3. Amethyst: There are a few crystals that need no introduction and amethyst is one of them. You are prone to attract negative entities whilst on an adventure and hence you need every bit of protection that you can get. Amethyst is a stone that not only absorbs the negativity from your mind but also repels the bad intentions which are meant to hamper your journey. The soothing vibrations of this crystal promote positivity around you which makes you feel energetic and hopeful. Being a natural stress reliever, amethyst uplifts your mood, removes fear and calms your mind.

4. Rhodonite: This stone works as an emotional balancer and prevents any kind of depression to settle in your mind. It promotes self-love and confidence that encourages you to look for more challenging adventures during your journey. Rhodonite is very helpful if you are traveling in a group because it maintains a healthy flow of communication between you and your friends so that you do not argue and come to a right and productive conclusion.

There are many other stones apart from the ones mentioned above that would help you to make the most of your adventure. You must remember that whenever you travel, that time should not be compromised at any cost and you must do everything you can to utilize your ‘me” time to its fullest. Crystals have always been there for us. All we need to do is have faith in them and give our best.

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