Crystals for abundance and good luck

Whenever someone feels that they are experiencing bad luck, they must always look into themselves and ask why they are feeling or thinking that way. They must instantly start attracting good luck instead. With the help of crystals, you can shift your thoughts, feelings, and vibrations into good and positive energy.

Crystals for abundance and good luck

Good luck appears in the form of many things – from getting your dream job to increase your financial abundance. We are the only ones responsible for all the good luck that comes our way. But, crystals bring in extra fortune and help cater the good luck towards us. Here are a few crystals that help bring abundance and good luck.

1) Citrine

This is the stone of wealth, prosperity, success and protection. It helps us manifest our dreams and convert them into reality and brings us financial abundance.

2) Pyrite

This stone is your go-to money crystal. It instills a fighter attitude and gives you the confidence you require to go after your dreams. You will feel yourself receive unlimited abundance and amplified intentions.

3) Shungite

It helps get rid of negative energy and attracts positive energy. It brings to you better luck and abundance and helps you remain grounded and bring whatever you want into your life.

4) Smokey Quartz

It brings abundance and good luck into your life by getting rid of any negative energies. It attracts positive energy and situations into your life.

5) Amethyst

These stones bring harmony and restore balance in any situation. They help you connect to your intuition and inner voice and brings a channel of inspiration and clarity to everything.

6) Tiger’s Eye

It is a lucky charm as you can see every pathway and road that is set up for you and choose the one that brings you abundance and success. It helps you become more open to opportunities.

7) Labradorite

This is the stone of magic and you can definitely call it your own bag of pixie dust. It increases your self-confidence and creativity and transforms your life into a successful and abundant one.

8) Auralite23

It syncs your good luck and life energy by tapping into your potential and connecting to your inner self and spirit. It is like a life changer as it helps you receive a breakthrough in your life and clears all energies that hold you back.

With the help of such crystals, you are able to activate the energies of these gemstones into your lives and live with constant affirmations, intentions, and daily prayers. These activate the energies of the gemstone and brings a widened intention for your purpose in life. 

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