Crystals for a new Career

Crystals for a new Career

One of the most important turning points in life after graduation is the start of a new career. All the efforts and time that you had invested during your school and college days are about to bear fruit when you start searching for a job. It is this exact time that proves to be challenging for certain individuals. They start facing stress, depression, anxiety as well as negativity regarding their career. Crystals have been known to help such individuals rise up strong and confident to tackle the anxieties of a new career. The properties of such crystals help people to overcome their fears and confidently face the interviews.

Below is a list of five such crystals:

1. Sodalite: Creativity tends to be a deciding factor whenever starting a new career. Often it happens that in spite of all the knowledge acquired over all the years to land a job with a fat paycheck, you feel like you should be your own boss and you plan to start your own business. Sodalite helps you to take a wise decision at this stage as it encourages rational thought, objectivity as well as intuition. This stone is also known to enhance self-esteem and self-trust which allows you to move ahead in life without any difficulty.

2. Fluorite: This is a natural calming and de-stressing stone that encourages focus and determination which aids in fulfilling your dreams and bring them into reality. Fluorite is also known to absorb and neutralize negative energy and stress. Your concentration power can be enhanced with the help of Fluorite and it also improves your decision-making process. This stone balances the energies inside your body which enhances your co-ordination both physically as well as mentally.

3. Lapis Lazuli: This is one of the most sought after stones in human history. The celestial blue color of this stone remains the symbol of royalty, power, vision, and honor. Lapis Lazuli is known to encourage self-awareness and develop trust with others. This stone helps you to steadily advance in your career by providing qualities like honesty, compassion, and morality. Lapiz lazuli is also known to inspire confidence and be truthful while speaking with the management to avoid any further complications in your career.

4. Bloodstone: This is a very powerful stone that clears energy blockages from the aura and promotes physical strength and endurance. It offers courage to stand against the individuals who plan to harm you in one way or another. Bloodstone also helps you to remain calm under pressure and ensures that you do your work with utmost patience and confidence. Bloodstone helps to balance the energies in your body which helps to overcome any stress or anxiety associated with your career.

5. Obsidian: This is a cleansing stone that is used to remove all the negative entities in your chakra. Obsidian also acts as a protective stone by guarding you against the negative people in your life who are proving to be a hindrance in your path toward success. This is an ideal stone to be kept with you while looking for a new job. Even after you land a job, this stone will help in the smooth functioning of the tasks assigned to you.

The beginning of a new career is something that should not be taken lightly as your entire life depends on it. The crystals mentioned above have been proven to be helpful while starting a new career and hence can be used to boost your career as well.

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