Crystals for a Healthy Nervous System

Our nervous system is the meticulous network of nerves that start from our brain, go around our entire body, and go back to the brain. It travels down the spine's channel and is responsible for collecting inputs from all our senses and other vital information that our brain needs to keep our body working and functioning well.

These messages are like electrical signals that travel up and down our spine upon simulation. The brain sends commands and responses to specific body parts through these nerves. The nervous system is like our communication lines between our body and our brain, to put it. That means the importance of it being in prime shape and working condition is obvious.

When it comes to electrical signals and vibrations, there is some help we can take from the positive vibrations of the many crystals that are available to us. Crystals vibrate and find synchronization with our bodies and give us many benefits when done right.

Only when our nervous system is in the best possible working condition can we evaluate experiences and respond to them appropriately. Our senses working in the best possible state makes life better because we can enjoy the world around us better when we can see, feel, taste, hear, and smell better.

What crystal healing does for us gives us many healing energies, mainly when compiled in the right combinations. Almost all kinds of gemstone crystals affect the nervous system because of their high energy frequencies interacting with our body's electric and magnetic fields.

Depending on what stone reacts with you better, the customizations can vary. But in general, you're looking for a stone with calming properties and can respond with the crown chakra because that is where the command center is. Some excellent rocks that would fit this category are as follows.

Amethyst- One of the most famous crown chakra stones, this mystical stone is renowned for calming people down and improves their sensory response in general. Depending on the situation and requirement of the moment, it can calm the nervous system and heighten its responsiveness.

Lavender Jade- Purple stones are just the right ones for the nervous system and crown chakra. Lavender Jade is known for its exceptional quality of relaxing nerves in the most nerve-wracking situations, helping you make better-improvised decisions.

Lavender Quartz- The quartz family is known as the brand of master healers, and Lavender Quartz is no different. It will solve your problems of anxiety whenever you get triggered. It will help you align the nervous system with the body to improve the body's cognitive function.

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