Crystals Elixir: Make Your Own Energetic Crystals

June 10, 2019 2 min read

Crystals Elixir: Make Your Own Energetic Crystals

Crystals Elixir: Make Your Own Energetic Crystals

Crystal elixir as the name sounds is no potion or there is no magic involved. It is simply drinking water mixed with certain crystals to enhance the properties of water, thereby, making the water more potent.

If you are just stepping into the world of crystal healing, then crystal elixir is the best place to start. It is simple, easy, and potent. Creating your own elixir is fairly easy and affordable too.

How to make crystal elixir yourself?

As we hear the name elixir we start imagining potions and magic and when we think of creating the magical elixir, we are thinking of cauldrons, grinding and stirring crystals in water and throwing in some magic verses. Relax, it is not that complicated.

It is as simple as placing the crystal in a bottle of drinking water and you are done. What is more difficult is finding the crystal that resonates with you. It is often a trial and error method that will help in finding the right crystal to you.

Crystal elixir is often known by different names. You may hear it being called – gem water, healing elixir, Crystal water, gem essence, gem elixir, crystal essences and so on.

It is important to keep in mind that not all crystals are water friendly. Doing some research on the types of crystals and if it is water friendly will help in saving you time and effort. Also, certain crystals might have a negative impact when placed in water and drinking that water might be harmful to you.

Creating the crystal elixir

It is a simple process where you need to find the right crystal and placing it in the drinking water or by infusing the crystal in the drinking water using an infuser. There are crystal-infused bottles also available in the market that require only drinking water be poured in the bottle and it is ready to be used.

How to choose the right crystal?

Finding the right crystal is easy; simply follow your instincts. The crystal will pull you and you will want to touch and feel the crystal. You won’t be able to pull away from the crystal.

Most used and water friendly crystals used for creating crystal elixir are

Smoky Quartz

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