Crystals attract money,wealth and succes.The story that lies within


Be the type of energy that no matter where you go, you always add value to the spaces and lives around you

Do you want to raise your spiritual vibes with money and abundance?

Working with crystals during the last few years has transformed lives spiritually, emotionally, and financially.

There are many, many ways of attracting money into your life... and crystals are just one of them!
Crystals For Prosperity – The healing properties of crystals are already very well known. But did you know that crystals can attract wealth, abundance and financial prosperity into your life. There are crystals that resonate with financial abundance and money. Wearing these crystals or placing them in different places of your home or office, will bring you a better financial state.
Crystals work either to attract money or to balance the energy that is responsible for attracting money. For example, some crystals are luck and money attracting, and others will balance the heart chakra...the chakra responsible for attracting wealth and money. Remember that any money blocks are a block in your energy. Typically if you have money blocks, it is an energy block in your emotions, health, or relationships.
Just like humans, crystals are of different kinds and each kind serves different purposes.
Each crystal emits a specific kind of energy. These crystals can be used for many purposes like healing, magic, spell casting, inspire, uplift, positivity, and even for financial reasons.

Yes you heard it right! Crystals can determine and influence your financial conditions of one. Having to choose the right crystals for a positive mindset is important. That is where crystal combinations come into effect in the form of bracelets. Choosing the right crystal combinations in a crystal bracelet are equally important as one must know, what is the right crystal that channelizes these energies for one’s good.
Today, we shall be speaking about one such beaded bracelet from the variety of multi-purpose crystal bracelets available at crystal bracelets.
Coming back to where we were, crystal agate bracelets are made up of a combination of green aventurine, red garnet and citrine beaded bracelet forming the money bracelet known as the Ultimate Triple Money Bracelet.

crystal bracelet

The bracelet combines the properties of attracting opportunities from one stone (the green aventurine stone), self-confidence and perseverance from the second stone (the red garnet stone) and finally the acquisition & maintenance of wealth from the final stone (citrine)

Money is attracted, not pursued

Money and abundance can come to us in many ways. But we are often held back by self-limiting beliefs and the wrong mindset. The right crystals can eliminate these blockages to greater wealth. Crystals for abundance can also boost your confidence in tackling new and potentially profitable endeavours.
The bottom line when it comes to finding and using the best crystals to attract money is that the more you read and research, the more examples of different stones you will be told to use. That’s because this isn’t an exact science, but rather a system of beliefs based on track records, history and the ability to see the world in an insightful way. Not to mention, every person is different and every set of circumstances is different.

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