Crystals and Numerology what is the connection?


 “Numbers are the highest degree of knowledge. It is knowledge itself

Numerology is the ancient science of numbers that assigns a specific energy source to the number that rules your life. One of the most potent combinations for divination and healing is numerology and crystal healing

Crystal healing is a much more of a bigger idea than just pointing stones at people. Crystal healing is used for the whole person’s health. We can certainly categorize this into four main sections: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The distinct but unified aspects form our experience, the same way matter consists of four major elements like the earth, water, air and fire. Carrying with you and having the right gemstone can have a very big impact on the quality of your life.

Numerology techniques to determine which crystal will provide the most powerful healing and purifying properties to a person based on his/her personal life path number has become one of the core points in numerology.

Each person’s life path correlates to an appropriate crystal that is perfect. It needs to be in correct coordination with the person and must match the energy of the number.

Now, we shall show you how you can find the correct crystal for yourself, by finding the correct life path number:

Find your own life path number by following the below easy steps:

Assume you were born on 21st March, 1995.

Taking this number as reference for the below steps shown.

Step 1: Add the digits from your day of birth.

From the reference stated, you were born on the 21st. Add up its two digits


Step 2: Add the digits from your month of birth.

From the reference stated, your month of birth is March, hence

03 = 0+3 = 3

Step 3: Add the digits from your year of birth.

From the reference stated, you were born in 1995, hence

1995=1+9+9+5= 24

Step 4: Add all the previous obtained results i.e steps 1-3 together.

Day + month + year of birth

3+3+24= 30

Step 5: If the final number obtained is composed of 2 digits, add these together.

From the reference stated above, 30 is obtained in step 4 of the calculation.

3 + 0 = 3

So, 3 is the life path number that represents you.

This is a simple process on how to obtain your life path number.

Now, from the above calculation we know our life path number, moving forward each number now represents your numerology gemstone:

Number 1: The gemstone for number 1 is Garnet. It symbolises courage and strength.

Number 2: The gemstone for number 2 is Rutilated Quartz. It will provide security and self confidence.

Number 3: The gemstone for number 3 is Amazonite. It will provide Communication and creativity which will be boosted in you.

Number 4: The gemstone for number 4 is green quartz. It will help you balance out your energy and promote your wellbeing.

Number 5: The gemstone for number 5 is aquamarine. Keep one in your life to guarantee peace, courage and tolerance.

Number 6: The gemstone for number 6 is Blue Quartz. It means harmony and light.

Number 7: The gemstone for number 7 is Amethyst. This beautiful gemstone promotes inner light and spirituality.

Number 8: The gemstone for number 8 is Citrine. You would want to boost your chances of material success, self-confidence and intellectuality.

Number 9: The gemstone for number is Rose Quartz. It symbolizes unconditional love needs in his or her life.

Concluding Thoughts…

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