Crystallized Gifts For Mom

Crystallized Gifts For MomGiving a crystal to your mom may seem an arduous task as it is necessary to disentangle the properties, costs and objective beauty of the stones.

In reality, the most important thing to keep in mind is that when we give a stone, we also donate its energy. We need to think of the mom of the gift, of what she needs on an energetic and spiritual level, on what stage of life she is going through, on the relationship that binds you.

Here are some ideas to make the right choice!

  1. It's rose quartz for love

The rose quartz is very gentle vibration and is the perfect gift for a mom who is considered an integral part of one's lives. Its message is: "you are close to my heart and I want yours to be always protected". If you are looking for a crystal for your mother, your sister or your best friend, consider rose quartz a great option. Connected to the heart chakra it infuses love, patience, and compassion (it is also perfect for a new mother).

It can be a good crystal for those in search of a soul mate because it teaches us to love ourselves and at the same time helps to attract the forms of love that we need to grow spiritually.

  1. Fluorite for harmony

A medium-large tip of rainbow fluorite is the ideal gift if we want to instill harmony in a home and of course, in its inhabitants. It increases empathy and the ability to communicate one's emotions as well as purifying the environment of residual energy.

  1. Pyrite to find inner gold

The pyrite is a crystallized stone is perfect for your mom because it will be able to "take out" the hidden potential in her. It brings security and confidence in one's abilities, two key ingredients to succeed in life. Help turn thoughts into actions and facilitate the start of new projects. Excellent for businesswomen, entrepreneurs or for those who want to find the courage to change course.

  1. Selenite to find peace

If you think your mom is stressed and needs to recharge, selenite is the right crystal to remove tension and regain energy. Selenite infuses calm, lucidity and serenity. Excellent for those who meditate and want to develop the gift of inner vision.

It is also the ideal gift for a couple: it promotes understanding and protects the relationship from negative energies.

  1. The amethyst to listen to instinct and purification

If your mom struggles to listen to her intuition, the amethyst is perfect to stimulate the sixth chakra. It promotes calm and inner clarity, absorbs negative energy and radiates positivity. It is useful to all those people who easily help others.

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