Crystal Shapes & What They Mean

Crystal Shapes & What They Mean

Healing crystals have been used for centuries by our ancestors to help them in a number of ways. These people were the ones who understood the true healing powers of these crystals and had knowledge about their different colors, types, and shapes. As the world progressed and the domain of crystal healing started to gain more popularity, these crystals were made into different shapes like tumbled stone, pyramid, cube, egg, massage wand, pendulum, rod, tower, sphere, etc. Although it is true that the shape of the crystal does not change the energy it emits but it certainly affects the way we receive it.  Each of these shapes has its own significance and hence you must select a crystal depending upon for what purpose it will be used for. Even if you are drawn to a particular crystal, you must first read about the properties of that crystal and check whether it supports your needs. Once this is clarified, then you must proceed to select a shape that will magnify the healing properties of that crystal. Following is a list of these shapes and their corresponding significance. 

1. Tumbled stone: These stones come at a very cheap price and have a compact size which makes them an ideal choice for beginners. This is the most common shape of crystal available and is made in various sizes. These crystals gently radiate energy and their versatile nature enables you to carry them in your wallet, bag or purse while traveling.

2. Sphere: The spherical shape of the crystal makes it very powerful. The sphere emits energy in all directions equally and helps you to connect with your innermost self. These crystals help to open the third eye chakra and develop clairvoyance. They bring a grounding and peaceful energy to your home and neutralize any harmful or negative energies.

3. Pyramids: This shape has been used since ancient times and is considered to be very powerful for manifesting and amplifying energy. Egyptian civilization was the one that increased the popularity of this shape by constructing the world-famous pyramids. This shape is considered to be sacred and is known to harness the high vibrational energies for a greater manifestation of power.

4. Cube: This shape is known to harvest a significant amount of energy and can be very stabilizing. This shape is associated with the root chakra and if you meditate with these crystals, then it will assist the flow of grounding energy inside you. The cube has the ability to balance your root chakra and connect you to the earth’s energy. If you place one such crystal in every corner of your room, then it will ground and protect the space from outside energies.

5. Hearts: There is actually no need to describe the purpose of this type of crystal because the name says it all. A heart-shaped crystal is used to bring in the energy of love and compassion into your life. These crystals are the representation of love and help to balance the heart chakra by maintaining a steady flow of energy inside it. These crystals also help you to heal emotional wounds and balanced relationships.

6. Wand: A wand is used to direct the energy of the crystal into the aura or chakra. You can focus the energy of the crystal in a deliberate and direct manner, thereby making this one of the most commonly used shapes. These wands increase your vibration and make you feel more empowered in day-to-day life. They can even be used to draw off negative energies from the user.

There are many such shapes in existence and one must obtain proper knowledge about them before embarking on the journey of crystal healing.

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