Crystal Pendulums for Advanced Chakra Balancing

It’s no secret that crystals are a very efficient tool when it comes to balancing energies and chakras. Different stones represent different chakras and aid them in being well energized and balanced. But another way this process can be done with even more efficiency is by making a pendulum from the crystals.
Pendulums are considered ancient tools of divinity and balance. Anything can be turned into a pendulum with a string. But a pendulum with a crystal is a really powerful tool.
It is proven to help in chakra balancing, cleansing the aura, clearing energy blockages, and grounding. It’s a spiritual practice that not a lot of people can connect to. An effort has to be made to understand the crystal pendulum to be able to connect to it.
They help in promoting spiritual and physical healing by locating energy blockages in our body. It does so by moving in the direction of the invisible energy around us.
Starting with the crown chakra, you can swirl your pendulum around various chakras to reveal the blockages, by letting it subtly pick up on vibrations. Slowly move the pendulum through various other chakras, and see the direction the pendulum swings. A great way to read these things better is by using a pendulum chart.
Choosing a pendulum is a peculiar part of the process. It’s a mystical thing with divine powers. A human being doesn’t have the power to choose its pendulum, rather it’s the other way around.
You just have to rely on trial and error. Pick up a crystal pendulum and close your eyes to see how it makes you feel. Deeply observe the vibrations you feel within yourself or the lack of vibrations. The right crystal will feel like it warmed up in your hands, and that’s how it should be.
Once you’ve used a pendulum for a while, it is important to clean it. The energy gets tarnished if it’s not cleaned regularly. For cleansing, putting it under running tap water can do the trick.
For re-energizing the crystal, keep it on cold saltwater. To check if the re-energizing worked, just keep the crystal in your hand see if the energy feels the same as it did before.

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