Crystal Healing Tools You Should Know About

Crystal Healing Tools You Should Know About

Ever since time unknown, crystals were an essential part of the healing technique. Early Egyptians and Indians wore the crystals as amulets or pendants in order to ward off evil spirits and heal a body. In fact, every civilization in earlier times used crystals and believed that these crystals hold unlimited powers and are able to protect from the bad.

More modern cultures have evolved the used of crystals by incorporating them into stuffs that are being used today such as quartz in the watches, electronic-grade crystals in the smartphones, televisions, and such.

Some stones are cut especially to make use of their healing powers in Reiki, shamanic healing, Feng Sui, and other therapies. The crystals are used as an aid for meditation or in a crystal grid, or a pyramid to clear and transform the negative energies into positive energies.

How to use crystals for healing?

Crystals have always been used for healing. In different cultures, different gemstones are used for different purposes and in different ways. Some believe in placing the crystals on the body, touching the body, or on the chakras, wearing them as pendants, rings and other jewelry pieces, and some use wands, pendulums, and in many other forms.

Crystals come in many shapes, sizes, and varieties that can be used depending upon the purpose. Crystals can be placed in the homes, offices, or workplace or carried around in the bag, worn on the body, or used for meditation in order to harness their energies.

There are multitudes of gems, their varieties, and dealers in the market, thus, it is imperative to know why you want to use the gem for. It is important to buy them from authorized dealers and sellers to keep their authenticity intact.

Most common gems and their powers

The gemmology world is brimming with the variety of stones that can be used for healing and this makes the task of finding the right gem a little tiresome. Here, we list down the most common healing crystal stones.

  • Agate - One of the most commonly used crystals for healing, Agates have a calming effect. They are perfect for healing the mind, body, and the soul.
  • Amethyst – known as the purple stone, they are perfect aids for meditation and opening the Third Eye chakra.
  • Bloodstone – known as the healing stone, they are great for healing any kind of ailments.
  • Clear Quartz – known as the master healer, they can be used for varied purposes from cleansing to healing.
  • Citrine – known as abundance stone for its abundant energy source.

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