Crystal Healing: Magical Cure or Just a Rock?

Crystal Healing: Magical Cure or Just a Rock?

A few years back, very few people were aware of the field of crystal healing. But in today’s world, if you ask anyone if they have heard about these beautiful gemstones, then most of them would say ‘yes’ and there are high chances that a few among them are already using these crystals. Today, crystals are used in a wide variety of applications which include alleviating stress, boosting creativity, ‘treating’ certain diseases, enhancing psychic powers and attracting wealth to name a few. Even celebrities like Miranda Kerr, Adele, Katy Perry, and Naomi Campbell have already started using these crystals and some of them have even started their own line of cosmetics that are infused with these crystals. These celebs were never shy of admitting how those magical stones brought a positive change in their life and made them what they are today. These stones which were previously available at selected shops can now be seen almost everywhere. You take a stroll in the market and you will find at least one shop that sells these crystals. They will try to convince you that these colorful stones will change different aspects of your life and will assist in overall healing. But this raises the most important question – are these crystals just mere rocks excavated from earth or do they really possess healing properties?

The answer varies from person to person. It is said that crystals vibrate at specific frequencies and emit vibrations that bring about the healing in a person. These energies interact with your individual energy fields or chakras and create a positive impact on them. There are numerous people in this world who can tell you that these stones did make a positive difference in their life the moment they started using them. Science, on the other hand, denies these claims. Many studies have been conducted over the past decade that ultimately came to one single conclusion that these crystals do not possess any magical properties and the people who claim it are actually experiencing its effects due to the power of belief and not due to the power of the crystals. If people believe that a particular crystal will make them feel better, then it will make them feel better because psychologically they have inclined their mind in the favor of these crystals and will only tend to see its positive effects on their lives. 

Crystals are also said to assist in the medical field by helping in the suppression or elimination of various disorders which is otherwise impossible by medical science. This, however, is a complete hoax and there are no crystals in existence which carry such medicinal properties. It is always recommended to see a doctor the moment you face any health-related issue. But the patients who use such crystals for healing actually use them as a complement to regular medicine and not as a replacement to it. These people believe that they are recovering from their illness and belief is a very powerful force that actually helps you to heal. “A lot of people will say science hasn’t proven that crystals work; but, science hasn’t proven that they don’t work either,” said Askinosie, a crystal enthusiast. From the point of science, crystals are just glittery rocks and nothing else but from the point of view of a crystal lover, even holding these stones in their hands and attuning their thoughts to them brings about a drastic change in their lives. So if you believe that crystals are working for you, they will work wonders on you and in case you don’t, well then they are nothing more than colorful rocks that enhance the interior of your space.

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