Crystal guide for personal use


The ways in which you interact with your crystals and experience their benefits is very personal.

Popular crystals for such requests are rose quartz, keep green aventurine on an altar, and sleep with amethyst under your pillow. The method for manifesting and using crystals might differ from person to person.

Creating rituals around crystal work can make the effects even more powerful and dynamic. Ritualizing also increases mindfulness, and is a wonderful self-care practice that promotes overall wellness.

Find ways to work with your crystals during your day – to – day routine for your personal benefits. Today we would be discussing how to meditate and have a good sleep using crystals.

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Meditating with a healing crystal and keeping an intention set is very important. Keep it close to you or wear it on yourself, it is all left to you until the results matter.

How does the ritual work?

Choose the healing crystal you want to work with for meditation. Start by finding a silent spot. Take a few deep, cleansing breaths, close your eyes and concentrate with your mind on the meditation. Allow the energy of the crystal’s permeating your body and soothing your mind. Focus on your breath as you hold space in this energy.

Good options for such practices are fluorite, celestite and smoky quartz are good options for meditation.


Place crystals near you, under your pillow when you sleep. This benefits you to absorb the positive energies within yourself. Calming stones like dumortierite are best for this practice.

Choose from lepidolite, rose quartz , amethyst or moonstone for this activity.

How does the ritual work?

Just before you get into bed, dim your lights, hold your chosen crystal, and take a centering, cleansing breath. Visualize the crystal’s energy, and the deep sleep you know it will give you. Place the stone in your pillowcase, under your pillow or near you and then drift easily to sleep.


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