Crystal cleansing by using natural remedies


Crystals – earth’s natural gifts are being used today in every set of technology and this is not going to slow down today, thus giving these natural crystals a beautiful future with mankind.

They have been developed into jewellery for fashion, used in electronic devices like our mobile phones, televisions, computers, radio transmitters and even watches.

Many of you have probably heard about the importance of cleansing your crystals and may have performed this ritual yourself.

Crystals can absorb energy from you and the environment around them. They convert the negative vibes and energies around them to good soothing and calming energies which we would like and require.

Using these natural crystals has many benefits for personal well-being too. Crystals like these which are used in our crystal bracelets aid in spirituality, attaining peace, good sleep, success, prosperity, factors like luck and many more for which our firm has designed specific bracelets for the same in the form of stress bracelets, sleep bracelets, anti depression bracelets, weight loss bracelets, success bracelets, protection bracelets and many more that you can find at our online platform only at CRYSTAL AGATE BRACELETS.

While using crystals, they help aid in removal of negative energies and converting them to positive ones. But, regular usage of crystals requires them to be cleansed and cleaned, mainly for the purpose of removing the negative energies from within them they absorb from you, and your surroundings. There are many ways to cleanse your crystals and some of the main techniques are listed below.

Cleansing using Full Moon

Even though you need not wait till the lunar phase, cleansing your crystals during a full moon is one of the more popular methods. This is an easy and effective way to cleanse crystals. Place them in the moonlight and let them regain their crystalline energies back.

All you need to do is place your crystals in the moonlight, outside if possible and preferably on the ground. If the ground isn’t an option try to place them on a natural surface such as a wooden table. Placing them on a natural surface is good as crystals like to be grounded. If you’re still concerned about them being taken during the night, cover them with one of those fabric food umbrellas as they still let the moonlight through. If putting them outside isn’t possible, placing them on a windowsill that gets a lot of moonlight is a good second option.

While placing them directly in the moonlight is ideal, sometimes you may find that it’s raining or there may be a lot of cloud cover during the Full Moon. You can still cleanse your crystals at times like these, as it's the energy of the Full Moon that really does the cleansing

Cleansing using Sage

Another cleansing method you can do is using sage. Sage smudging sticks can be purchased, or you can use loose sage leaves. The smoke from burning sage is an excellent cleanser not only for your crystals but also for the surrounding environment. To cleanse your crystals this way you can either hold the burning sage near the crystals so that the smoke fills the air around them. Or hold your crystals in and near the smoke.

Cleansing crystals using their natural originator – the Earth

You can cleanse your crystals by burying them in the earth. Crystals love to be grounded, and because they came from the earth this seems like a very logical method too.

So yes, that’s it from our end on how cleansing of these lovely natural crystals take place and can be done. You can use these techniques to cleanse the crystals you have.

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