Crystal bracelets for wealth


Crystals are believed to help oneself with emotional needs and many see them as powerful tools for specific purposes like setting personal boundaries, progress in life or even achieving life goals. But, when it comes to finding the best crystals for money, wealth, and attracting a life of abundance, a shift in mind-set is required.

They say that money doesn’t grow on trees! But, with the ever-growing popularity of crystal bracelets, it’s good to imagine that we are all just a stone’s throw away from manifesting money.

Speaking about the products on this platform, we have carefully chosen the right crystals with their properties combining them to form products that can help relieve worries and enlighten you towards your goals. We cater to solutions like money, health, sleep, protection, student solutions and stress with our very popular bracelets in the form of money bracelets, health bracelets, sleep bracelets, protection bracelets, student bracelets and stress bracelets.

Crystals and stones that act as wellness miracles are as listed below:


Color: Bright blue/green crystals

Best known for: Being a powerful heart chakra stone.

Why amazonite? Amazonite is a crystal of truth-telling, flow, and inspiration. Amazonite is a stone which helps guide you to share from an inspired and lit up place. It helps to really clarify your message. The stone is often suggested for speakers, actors, and singers.

It really helps you channel that truth-telling flow. People will resonate with you if you are tapped into your truth. You feel more abundance in your life having this stone with you.

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Structure and property: Translucent in nature, though some parts may be denser and appear white

 Best known for: working with all chakras and encouraging clarity

 Why clear quartz? Clear quartz is a very popular known crystal in the quartz family. The reason is because it's neutral.

Look at your clear quartz as your amplifier. You want to sit clear quartz in the same vicinity as all these money crystals, because you want to amplify the vibrations and positive effects in you and surrounding you.

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 Color: A yellowish shade

Best known for: It’s the stone for monetary abundance and personal power

Why Citrine? It resonates with the color of yellow. Citrine is used for abundance and manifestation. It helps you bust through blockages. Citrine is more light, fizzy, and happy. It also really powers up your solar plexus chakra, which is the chakra relating to the way you show up in the world. And, it’s great for confidence.

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Hope you have enjoyed reading today’s blog on our website about various crystals used for money, prosperity and growth. Hope we have justified why these crystals are used for such intentions. 

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