Crystal agate - The magical healer

Crystal agate - The magical healer

Agates are the magical healer. The gemstones that are a part of the Chalcedony family that appear as a banded or layered in different colors were first found near the Achates River in Sicily, thus deriving their name.

The Agates appear in a variety of colors, even colorless form, and are also called as the Earth’s rainbow. The gemstones are quite common and popular and are easily found around the world.

Every color of Agate has its own properties and has some excellent healing properties. They have been in use from generations and have gained more prominence in the last few years. They are also used in Feng Sui, the Chinese VaastuTantra, where the placement of the gemstone has more importance.

Agates strengthen and stabilize energy and help you perform your daily tasks easily and efficiently. They channel all your positive energy into doing the tasks that are vital for you. The gemstone helps you feel positive, powered, energized, and empowered at all times.

• Agate for emotional healing

Agates have the ability to influence the person to think positively and pragmatically. They help in self-analysis and create self-awareness where the person is able to retrospect and look within oneself and locate the things that are blocking his or her emotional well-being.
The gemstone helps in self-acceptance and instills confidence. The stone works best for a person seeking serenity, peacefulness, tranquillity and a sense of balance in his emotional life.

• Agate for physical health

Agate, used under expert guidance, has many health benefits. The stone has properties that can help in eliminating various health issues. By placing the stone on one’s stomach, one can get rid of stomach ailments like indigestion, reflux, gastritis, and such. The stone aids digestion and eliminates food allergies.
The stone creates a balance between the energies, thereby, creating an internal harmony that aids overall healthy well-being.

• Agate for spiritual health

Agates are a great aid for meditation and create a tranquil environment around the person. They open the mind for greater absorption of the positive energies and the truths of life. The powerful stone helps in calming the mind, relaxing the body, and encourages self-contemplation. The stone links into a person’s consciousness of the oneness of life.

The gemstone stabilizes the aura and cleanses the mind, body, and soul of all the negative energies from within and around.

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