Connect Yourself To Healing Energies With The Help Of Phantom Quartz

Connect Yourself To Healing Energies With The Help Of Phantom Quartz
Phantom quartz is a variety of quartz or “rock crystal” that forms over other pre-existing crystals.
This majestic and mysterious variation of Clear Quartz is a big-time energy cleanser.
Phantom quartz gets its powerful healing vibes from rare and unique formations created from the interruptions in their growth.
This blockage creates concentrated mineral deposits that form ghost-like shapes within the crystal.
It is believed that these phantoms have their own story and bring messages of wisdom and truth.
Phantom quartz has been found in countries like Austria, Brazil, Madagascar, Switzerland and the United States.
Just like regular quartz, the chemical composition of phantom quartz is Silicone Dioxide (SiO2).
The available forms of phantom quartz are crystal groups and single crystals are used as jewellery pendants.
The traumas that we face in our past often have an effect on our current mental state.
Phantom quartz is a stone which teaches you to let go of these traumas and leave behind the ego to allow the soul to grow.
Psychologists call this phenomenon as post-traumatic growth.
This is a crystal which reminds you that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
In the field of crystal healing, phantom quartz harnesses the healing vibrations found deep within the earth, which gives it profound powers of insight and spiritual inspiration.
If you feel that you are attracted to phantom quartz, then it is a sign that you are in need of deep inner healing.
This crystal works as a natural antidepressant but without any side effects.
Crystal healing is based on rituals for initiating peace and tranquility which starts with creating a sacred space at your home.
Meditation is one way which could help you to achieve a balanced state of mind and body.
Meditating with phantom quartz is beneficial for the goal of emotional growth.
This transformation stone is geared towards assisting your journey with properties of acceptance and clarity.
In case if past incidences are proving to be a hindrance to your growth, you can use phantom quartz in combination with your meditation practice to forgive those mistakes and identify how you can avoid them in future.
Use your time meditating with this crystal for your personal emotional growth.
The healing vibrations of this stone will remind you that going down the memory lane can be fruitful, but restrain yourself from staying for too long.
The vibrations of this stone guide you to your path of finding a solution to your problems.
Just like a quartz crystal, the phantom quartz crystal is also programmable, which means that you can store your intentions inside them and call on it for support whenever you need it.
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