Cleansing you Crystals with a Singing Bowl

Crystals have been used for healing and bringing out the best qualities in people since ancient times. Their vibrations connect with the energy of humans in different ways, helping them in ways still unexplained by science.
If you’re someone who is into crystal healing and has a collection of crystals, you know how important it is to cleanse them. Cleansing your crystal means dispelling negative energies that they may have touched.
Even after buying a new crystal, from the source of the crystal to the person, you’re buying it from, the crystal’s energy can be seriously polluted. This means that cleansing its energy is a must.
There are many methods to cleanse your crystal, including your breath, incense, essential oils, saltwater, sun or moonlight, etc. But the most powerful and efficient way to cleanse your crystal’s energy is to do it with sound.
Using a singing bowl is a very common way to cleanse a crystal. Singing bowls have been used since ancient times for healing of various kinds, therapy, and meditation.
Sound-therapy is one of the oldest alternate methods of healing and well-being. Singing bowls act just like bells and chimes, creating soothing vibrations and sound that have healing abilities. By using sound to balance the chakras and your aura, the singing bowl dispels negative energy.
Tibetan in origin, the singing bowl is used in many cultures as a source of tranquility and peace.
To cleanse your crystal with a singing bowl, follow these steps.
  • On a clean. The clutter-free area spread out a cloth on preferably a table or flat surface.
  • Place your crystals surrounding the singing bowl.
  • Start playing the singing bowl by striking it and making it ring. This emits the healthy vibrations that will cleanse your crystals.
  • You can also rub the mallet gently in circles on the rim of the bowl. This induces a slow crescendo of nice vibration and sound.
  • After doing it for 5 to 10 minutes, you’ll feel automatically at a point that the cleansing process is complete.
  • It is also suggested to try out other methods of cleansing along with this one.

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