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Crystal agate bracelets have been associated with making crystal bracelets for a long time now. We have been making, designing and delivering crystal bracelets to our loyal clients and customers.

Well speaking of the enterprise, it all started with a passion to spread the knowledge of these beautiful crystals and their healing powers to the people who need and who shall benefit a lot from them.

Founded in the year 2018, by a great gentleman named Mohammad Vahid, who became very inspired by the unconditional natural powers of these little stones (popularly called crystal) of nature, he couldn’t resist but help spread this message of how to tap into one’s balancing and restorative properties with the help of these healing crystals.

His main goal and agenda behind his entrepreneur business setup, was to lift the hearts and minds of humanity.

Speaking about the products on this platform, we have carefully chosen the right crystals with their properties combining them to form products that can help relieve worries and enlighten you towards your goals. We cater to solutions like money, health, sleep, protection, student solutions and stress with our very popular bracelets in the form of money bracelets, health bracelets, sleep bracelets, protection bracelets, student bracelets and stress bracelets.

Above, we stated the various reasons for using crystals in the form of crystal bracelets. Let us now tell you which all crystal we use in our crystal bracelets:

  •       Green Aventurine
  •       Red Garnet
  •       Citrine
  •       Red Tiger Eye
  •       Amethyst
  •       Sunstone
  •       Black Tourmaline
  •       Labradorite
  •       Black Obsidian
  •       Citrine
  •       Rose Quartz
  •       Bloodstone
  •       Lolite
  •       Red Garnet
  •       Peridot
  •       Turquoise
  •       Crystal Quartz
  •       Blue Lace Agate
  •       Howlite
  •       Selenite
  •       Smoky Quartz
  •       Sunstone
  •       Amazonite
  •       Red Carnelian
  •       Lapis Lazuli


A crystal for a happy customer comes with some charity to the needy. We at crystal agate bracelets, donate 17% of our net profits to those who are in need. We donate to charities for fighting hunger.

“Our goal is to give back”


Crystal Agate provides full-time jobs to local artisans. We value their hard work and service. This is our little faith in making it to helping those talented artisans.

 This was a little story about us, who we are and what we are. We have progressed greatly not single handedly, but with the help of all the members involved in making these beautifully crafted crystal bracelets helping so many customers achieve what they dream of, come out of issues and also use it as a fashionable jewellery accessory.

Choose us for not only the beautiful products, but also to help us with a cause in-turn.

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At crystal agate bracelets, we bring you varied varieties of charm bracelets

We carry specific kind of bracelets like  Health Braceletsmedical braceletsand weight loss bracelets for various ailments and disturbances in your body. 

For those who are suffering from mental pressure, and ailments we have a great set of bracelets like, stress buster braceletsstress bracelets etc 

Shop with us for top quality Health Braceletsmedical bracelets and weight loss bracelets that will assure you a great health recovery. 

With this main reason for crystals busting stress, we are sure you will never ever experience any more stress once you start wearing our Stress Buster Bracelets.

Whether it is love braceletstress buster braceletssleep braceletschakra bracelets each charm braceletshas its own significance that can bring a major change in your lifestyle. 

We at Crystal agate bring you quality products that are highly energised and made right! 

Check out our entire range of Crystal bracelets. Shop now for your ideal one now! These bracelets for women can also be used by men to attract the same energy.

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