Charoite Meaning and Benefits

The chakras in our body are the energy centers that control the functioning of everything we do. A common phrase that you might have heard of is “aligning your chakras”. This means that all our chakras are in harmony, and feeding off of each other.
Crystal therapy is something that is known to help in aligning chakras efficiently. Usually one needs several stones to align chakras, but there is one stone known for harmonizing all the chakras all by itself; Charoite. Charoite is a beautiful violet stone which is known for helping people in transitions, hence giving it the name “stone of transformation”.
It cleanses and harmonizes all the chakras by converting negative energy into positive healing powers. It also has the qualities of simulating love, empathy, affection, and kindness towards our fellow beings, by opening the heart to unconditional love for the self.
Its impact on the chakras makes us feel energized, rejuvenated, and highly motivated to take daily tasks head-on. This diminishes the feelings of stress and worries, clearing our head for more productive thoughts and positivity.
The most prominent chakras stimulated by Charoite are the two powerhouses, crown, and heart chakras. Using this stone brings about a union of the mind and soul in a way that the rest of the chakras fall in line.
When you’re thinking and feeling right, you make the right decisions, and that is a good blank canvas for the other aspects of your life to fall in place. It cleanses your aura from malignant negative forces that are polluting your vibe. Charoite works with the crown and heart chakra to help you harness powers such as being able to connect with your past life. It is one of nature’s most efficient dream stones that help you illuminate, and learn lessons from your past life.
Charoite also has a lot of positive effects on the physical body. It helps regulate healthy blood pressure and pulse rate. It also improves your hormone cycle and which gives you a better and healthier sleep cycle, aiding people who suffer from insomnia, sleepwalking, and bad nightmares.
Being a dream stone, it combines its two powers to improve your sleep cycle. It also treats migraines and headaches when taken as an elixir.
For people with mental disorders like ADHD, autism, or Asperger’s syndrome, Charoite provides exceptional benefits like soothing the nerves, clearing the mental fog, and help them calm down.
Charoite also has benefits for emotional healing that help people feel more stable. It helps people realize and address unrecognized internal fears that have been meddling with their decision making. By opening up your mind and heart to higher intellect it helps you see the flaws within yourself, and tell the difference between your legitimate fears and what you have merely created in your head.

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