Charging and Cleansing Crystals: All You Need to Know

It is a common belief that Crystals work much like batteries, where you reap their benefits, and that weakens their vibrational energy somehow. It is not a proven fact, but it is different for all crystals. “Charging a crystal” could also refer to cleansing its aura and energy, which can act as a recharge of sorts.
It is a common belief that after a ceremony, or making an elixir, one must charge their crystal in the sun or moonlight. Crystals are electromagnetic oscillators that maintain their original energy value always. The only maintenance they might need is the cleansing process which is easy to conduct and clears their aura to make them operate at their fullest potential again.
After being worked for a long time, a crystal is knocked out of its natural frequency, and that hampers the crystal’s ability to heal efficiently. When you feel like your crystal is weakened and needs a fix, clearing their energy is the solution.
Charging them would just mean trying to turn up the volume on an already damaged speaker which will distort all frequencies. The crystals need to be cleansed or cleared when one of the following has happened.
  1. Someone else has handled your crystal. This will pollute its energy with someone else’s.
  2. Before and after you have used them for healing.
  3. Right after you acquire them.
  4. After being in the presence of negative emotions like arguments, heavy emotional conversations, etc.
  5. Regularly every month or something
There are several methods of retuning your crystal. The basic idea is to introduce your crystal to the energy that vibrates at the same frequency as your crystal itself.
The most impactful energy to retune tired crystals seems to be the power of sound. The best way is for the user to use their own sound because of the relationship between the user and their stone. Other sound sources one can use are a tuning fork, singing bowl, drums, and gongs.
While going through the process using any of the methods, you will find that there is an instant where you’ll naturally know that the process is done.

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