Celestite - Meaning, Benefits & Uses

Celestite - Meaning, Benefits & Uses

Celestite is a teacher of the New Age and helps anyone who seeks elevation of spirit and mind. It reminds you of your origin and often acts as a communicator between this and higher realms of existence. This is the crystal of joy and light, and just like the sky, it brings peace and harmony to its user. This sky blue crystal has been there since ages to restore your natural state of joy. It is found in Libya, Egypt, Madagascar, Germany, Italy, Britain, Poland, Peru, Canada, Mexico, and the USA. Celestite is also known as Celestine and it is a strontium sulfate mineral which was first reported in the 1790s. Its name is derived from the Latin word caelestis which means “celestial” or “heavenly”. This crystal is usually pale blue or blue-grey in color but if you are lucky you can find it in orange, white, red and green color as well. It has a hardness of 3 to 3.5 and you can get clusters of this stone of which many are quite large. You can get tumble stones or small natural pieces which are the most common types of stone available.

The largest geode in the world is lined with blue Celestite and is around 35 feet in length. Its crystals are nearly 8 to 18 inches long and up to 3 feet wide with a few crystals weighing nearly 300 pounds each. This geode is located in Ohio, USA and lies 40 feet below the ground and was discovered in 1897 while digging a well for a winery. The gentle and soothing energy of this crystal reminds us every day that we must always look for new opportunities. Celestite offers mental clarity to its user so that he can connect with his higher state of being.

This crystal is packed with numerous properties which mainly concentrate on offering tranquility and peaceful state of mind. The high vibrations of this crystal stimulate your throat, third eye and crown chakras which makes it an ideal stone for spiritual detoxification. Celestite works on the most basic, cellular level and detoxifies your body of all the negativity and toxicity. This stone is also believed to help in relieving digestion problems along with skin problems by eliminating stress, which is the root cause of these problems.

As the celestite interacts with your throat chakra, it helps you to express the messages that you receive from the heavens. If you use celestite during meditation, it will ensure a smooth transition into a relaxed mindset which is otherwise impossible to attain due to the numerous, unproductive thoughts in your mind. Another way to use celestite is by placing a stone on your third eye chakra before going to bed. Celestite is like a spiritual compass which helps you to connect with your inner self on a whole different level. It teaches you humility and helps you to acknowledge the effect of greater power in your lives. It is readily available on the planet and its true potential might still be undiscovered. But in spite of this, the crystal has a lot to offer to the humankind.

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