Cassiterite: A Crystal To Aid Your Shamanic Journeying

Cassiterite: A Crystal To Aid Your Shamanic Journeying
Cassiterite is a stone that helps to bring Divine light into your body. This stone is said to assist in shamanic journeying and is a helpful stone to soothe the dying before they cross over to the other side.
This stone helps you to release the energetic debris that is holding you back and aids in spiritual grounding.
Cassiterite is a type of tin oxide and the most common colours are black, brown and red brownstones. It can be colourless, white, yellow-grey, yellow and red.
This crystal is known as tinstone and the meaning of the name Cassiterite comes from the Greek word “tin”. This stone is found in countries like the United Kingdom, China, Malaysia, Australia, Namibia, Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico and the United States.
The spiritual grounding energy of this stone allows you to form a connection with the Earth through the root chakra. This crystal will help you when you find the need to clear out unnecessary stuff energetically and the spiritual debris that seems to accumulate because you have taken no action to let go of it.
These crystals are said to assist dying, helping you to let go of all the issues that may be holding your spirit on the earth plane.
The best way to use cassiterite is during meditation. The healing properties of this stone keep you grounded when in meditation and its protective energies also help to manifest your choices.
By using this stone, you will have the capability of letting go of the ideas and ideals that are no longer suitable for the way of life. It helps you to heal old issues and to forgive anyone that may have caused you grief by imbuing you with deep compassion for others.
The energy of this crystal brings optimism and it may assist you to let go of feelings relating to any rejection you may have experienced in life. This crystal holds special importance in your life and once you have mastered using it, your life is bound to take a positive turn.

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