Can we Wear Amethyst On a Daily Basis?

Can we Wear Amethyst On a Daily Basis?
Whenever you think about crystals, the first stone which generally comes to your mind is amethyst. This stone is one of the very few gemstones which is widely popular and has a plethora of healing properties.
Amethyst has been used for ages by people all over the world to treat a variety of problems. Ancient Egyptian warriors used to wear this stone whenever they used to go out on a battle as they believed it offered them protection while fighting. Even the Roman civilization placed a very high value in this stone and used it in the form of beads in jewellery.
In Greek, the word ‘amethyst’ translates to “not intoxicated”. This crystal is found in countries like Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, Africa, Canada, Russia and Europe.
Amethyst has a lot of healing properties and hence is considered to be a very powerful stone. For starters, this stone is considered to be very protective in nature and tends to shield the user from any negative or toxic vibes.
This stone is linked with the crown chakra and hence it helps to clear the mind from negative thoughts like stress, anxiety, depression and fear.
Amethyst is also associated with abundance and is known to bring prosperity to the user. The soothing energy of amethyst facilitates communication and intuition and helps to increase your productivity at work.
Nowadays crystal elixirs have seen a rising trend in the market. People infuse drinking water with crystals and ingest it as they believe it offers physical and emotional wellness.
Amethyst too has been known to be used for preparing an elixir, however, there is a common rumour about this crystal which says that it is toxic. Although eating this crystal is not recommended, it is not toxic. You can wear amethyst in the form of jewellery on a daily basis.
By doing so, you will not only get much-needed relief but also positive vibes amidst a stressful and hectic daily life.

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