Bringing those lucky vibes back crystals for restoring good luck


Crystals and stones have been used since ancient times to bring good things into people’s lives. Discovered centuries back, known for years for their excellent healing properties, healing so many people worldwide, they are minerals that are going to stay and are not going anywhere.

Known since the Egyptian, Chinese and the American civilisations, crystals share a long history with mankind.

 It is thought that crystals and stones emit energy that can encourage positive physical and mental health and bring luck, love and success.

Like always stated by us, every crystal has a different property and vibration unique to itself.

Good luck and fortunes can be associated with anything, be it for yourself, business and life. CRYSTAL AGATE BRACELETS today has a range ofcrystal bracelets with crystals associated with good luck like tiger’s eye, carnelian, green aventurine and labradorite. These crystal bracelets include bracelets such as success bracelets, charm bracelets, money bracelet and evil eye bracelets.

There are many reasons as such. The above mentioned crystals and their properties for regaining and improving your luck factor are listed below:


Tiger’s Eye –a beautiful mixture of brown and golden strands in its structure composition. Used popularly as jewellery. Not only is it a beautiful accessory that is used in the form of jewellery accessory, but the stone also brings in god luck into your life.

As its name implies, the stone gives you the willpower and perspective of the tiger which does not fear anything. It also brings luck, makes you think stronger and smarter by allowing you to see into the future and making smart financial decisions.

 The stone is a wealth magnet connected deeply with the root chakra deeply. In stressful situations, this crystal can raise your intelligence and calm your nerves. It supercharges your wallet and attracts wealth and opportunities to find monetary gains in any situation.

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Carnelian is a crystal for productivity, success, and prosperity and is used by world leaders for luck. This stone proves to be useful in situations when you need to take a stand or need some good luck when related to work.

In addition, carnelian is great for negative energies, making you feel luckier.

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Green aventurine - one of the luckiest crystals in the crystal category, green aventurine gives winning energy and the guides you to your success. Derived from the Latin term Aventura which means chance, green aventurine is useful in attracting good luck and wealth as well as stabilizing your financial situations.

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One of the most beautiful crystals for luck amongst the crystal family. The structure of Labradorite is made in various shades of blue. It offers you a big stroke of fortune. This makes it one of the few gemstone crystals that you can fully rely on for luck.

It is also the gemstone that brings serendipity, synchronicity and good fortune with its positive vibration. Labradorite is more useful whenever you are feeling stuck in life and need the motivation to get things flowing again.

Its vibrations also influence your mental health and wealth, bringing more luck than you can imagine.

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