Bracelet for Protection from Black Magic

Bracelet for Protection from Black Magic

The world is filled with people having different mentalities. No matter how much you try to maintain a healthy relationship with the people around you, some of them will always conspire behind you and get jealous of your success. Some even go one step further and try to hurt you in one way or another. These people release a lot of toxic vibes into the environment which tends to hamper your career and overall growth. Negative and dark energies also include emotions like anger, anxiety, sadness, fear, grief, guilt, depression, drug addictions, illness, etc. Crystal healing can be beneficial in such cases as these stones have properties which help you to tackle such negative energies. You can even wear these stones in the form of a bracelet to offer protection to you on the go. These stones act as a shield against the toxic environment and protect you from any impending danger. These crystals are mentioned below:

1.) Amethyst: This is an ideal stone for people who are struggling with their emotional state. Amethyst brings much- needed clarity and calmness to a stressed mind. If someone is planning against you or is trying to cast some spell on you in terms of toxic thoughts, then Amethyst is your go-to stone. It avoids any kind of dark energies from coming towards you and promotes happiness and well-being.

2.) Bloodstone: Black magic doesn’t necessarily mean that it is related to witchcraft or things like it. It may also refer to the negative thoughts of the people about you or their jealousy towards you. Bloodstone is a very powerful stone that can be used to keep the negative energies grounded all the time. It also detoxifies and purifies your body to bring in a feeling of warmth and happiness.

3.) Black Obsidian: This stone is very useful against dark thoughts and environment. It acts as your guardian if you wear it on you when you are surrounded by toxic people. The harmful thoughts released from such people are deflected by the black obsidian and are unable to reach you or interfere with your energy field.

4.) Amber: This stone is useful to absorb the negative energy in the body. Once the negative vibes are drained from the body, you will start feeling more positive and rejuvenated. Amber is a very powerful stone to be used against psychic attacks as well. This crystal emits vibrations that are useful to deflect the toxic energies that are directed towards you.

5.) Black Tourmaline: This stone needs no introduction. One of the most powerful and protective stones in existence, the black tourmaline is the guardian angel for anyone who is suffering from dark and evil energies. Just place this stone at the entrance of your home or office to prevent any such energies from entering that space. This stone emits healing vibrations that protect you from energies that cause sickness, anxiety, depression, etc. Black tourmaline converts the negative energy in your body into positive energy and promotes a healthy mind.

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