Boost Your Self-Esteem With These Powerful Healing Crystals

Boost Your Self-Esteem With These Powerful Healing Crystals
Self-esteem is an important element in everyone’s life.
Without it, there is no meaning to the success you achieve.
It is said that true confidence comes from within and it is this confidence which helps you to reach your goals and unlock your true potential.

If you ever have feelings of worthlessness, lack self-belief or suffer from low self-esteem, then these crystals mentioned below will help you to rise again in life:



This is a master healing stone for self-confidence.
This stone resonates with the sunnier aspects of hope, light, and happiness.
It stimulates your Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras and transforms a lack of confidence and self-belief into new levels of strength, enthusiasm, and possibility.
The gentle luminosity of sunstone also highlights your talents and abilities in their full glory.
You can also use this stone for nurturing your leadership qualities and boosting self-empowerment.



Low self-esteem can be often associated with low levels of energy.
The vibrant and joyful energy of this stone is very beneficial for increasing your energy and helping you feel more positive in life.
Thus, by boosting your energy, you can overcome the feeling of low self-esteem and confidence.
This stone can also release negative energy accumulated in your mind.
Since this stone has the energy of the sun stored inside it and is connected with the Solar Plexus chakra, it is an ideal choice to improve low self-esteem and boost self-confidence.

Rose quartz

rose quartz

Known as the stone of unconditional love, rose quartz is a crystal that can be used for imbuing self-love and emotional care.
This crystal encourages a person to open up their heart and accept the love from his surroundings.
It promotes an optimistic attitude in a person’s life and makes his compassion towards himself as well as others.
Rose quartz boosts your self-confidence if ever you consider yourself unworthy of love.



This is a stone of hope, success, abundance and courage.
This is a powerful crystal that acts like a plug to prevent your self-confidence from slipping away.
It also removes fear and anxiety from your mind that can suppress confidence.
It instills optimism inside you and makes you trust in your capabilities.
Whenever you feel like there is no hope in your life and you are unable to love yourself, you can put your faith in this wonderful amazonite.

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