Black Onyx- Meaning and Benefits

When we get into crystal healing, we are told by our peers who have a few more years on us in this field that the color of a crystal is one of the first indicators of what that stone is supposed to heal and represent. For example, when we talk about purple stones, most of them are associated with a calming effect and have an impact on the crown chakra, green stones are associated with the heart and things related to it.
Pink stones supposedly have a soft, nurturing, feminine energy. Similarly, black stones are linked to protection, mysteriousness, truth, and self-reflection. Some famous black stones that would fall in this category are Black Tourmaline and Obsidian. But today we are talking about a lesser-known black stone which has many other properties than the stock black stone properties, Black Onyx.
Black Onyx is known for introducing one to their deepest and truest self-reflection. If you’re on a journey to discover yourself, connecting with a piece of Black Onyx is a great place to start. With its mystic energy, you will be able to transcend above the mental plague that is caused by other people’s opinions of you.
Such outside influence can drag one down and chain them in the cage of other people’s perceptions of them. By getting to see the depths of your personality, you will start to find that lost self-respect.
Black Onyx is also a phenomenal option for you if you’ve been subjected to needless suffering recently, caused by the torment that a brain can go through when things are not going your way. Black Onyx can help you find the light at the end of a dark tunnel.
This beautiful black stone is linked to the element of Earth, making it a suitable stone for grounding your energies and feel a deeper connection to our home planet. Like most black stones, it also a stone with exceptional protection properties. It syncs up with your root chakra to improve your vitality and helps your digestive system too.
For people who find themselves easily tiring and out of breath, Black Onyx is perfect for them because it improves stamina and protects your respiratory system. It is also helpful in improving strength, permanence, firmness, and self-control.
Being a protection stone shields you from negative energy and helps you find that happy place of solitude within yourself by distancing your energy from everyone else. Its help in providing intuitive guidance is something that a lot of people use it for.

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