Best Crystals to Use When You Are Feeling Low

Best Crystals to Use When You Are Feeling Low

There are numerous reasons which can change your mood in a fraction of a second. You are happy at one point in time but then something happens around you and suddenly starts feeling all alone and depressed. Your mood takes a toll because of this and you feel low and unenergetic. This state of mind is not ideal for the people around you as well as for your health. A depressed person might resort to alcohol or anti-depressants which would eventually harm his health in the long run. Depression makes your mind cluttered with negative thoughts and you find it difficult to open up in front of your loved ones. This is a very common illness these days and needs professional assistance sometimes. However, there are a few crystals as well which help to lift your mood and take you out from a depressed state of mind. 

1. Amethyst: This stone is a very good cleanser and helps in healing at a deeper level. It relieves stress and anxiety and promotes emotional peace and tranquility. This is a deep cleanser and transmutes negative energies to positive energy. Amethyst helps to get rid of the emotional burden that is pulling you down and making you unhappy. If you wear it near your Heart chakra then this powerful crystal will fill your heart with positive thoughts and happiness.

2. Rose Quartz: This wonderful stone is one of the best crystals in the world that promotes a loving and healthy mind. This comforting stone is known to open up your heart and help you discard all the negative thoughts that are making you feel low and demotivated in life. Rose quartz crystal has soothing vibes that stimulate the Heart Chakra and fill it with the energy of love and compassion. It reminds you to be gentle to yourself and develop self-love which lifts up your mood. This crystal is considered to be the best for stress management because it provides comfort, calmness, and relaxation during difficult times which helps in getting rid of stress and anxiety.

3. Lepidolite: This beautiful purple stone is known to absorb negative thoughts and open the throat, heart, third eye and crown chakras. You tend to be more expressive in terms of venting out your depressive thoughts and you start sharing your grief with your loved ones and ask for their help. This stone is also called the “Stone of Transition” and it helps to see your future with hope and optimism. This crystal stabilizes your mood swings and absorbs all the anxious emotions and thoughts about the past. This stone is an emotional balancer that stabilizes your mind and makes you feel at peace.

4. Tiger’s Eye: This stone is very effective in terms of injecting a positive and confident attitude inside you. This is a very protective stone that was traditionally used to ward off ill-wishes, spells, and curses. This stone prevents you from absorbing the negativity of the people around you. This stone helps to create a perfect level of vibrational healing inside that lifts up your spirit and brings energy, happiness, and enthusiasm back into your life.

The crystals mentioned above are helpful in absorbing the negative energies in your body by elevating positivity and amplifying healing energies. They also heighten your awareness and help you in searching for a positive outlook towards life. The crystals mentioned above are best suited for treating depression and should be used before it is too late.

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