Best Crystals To Keep In Your Backpack Before Your Next Trip

For people who find their peace in traveling alone, crystal therapy can be a great aid! Because these are the same people who know the pains and pangs of travel better than anyone else.
Missed flights, bad hotel rooms, unreliable strangers, bad food, and so many more things that can go wrong at the worst possible situation, especially when you’re alone. Sometimes, it’s not as easy as packing a bag and going out to scout the world with your camera.
Even the most experienced solo travelers can face these problems because they come without notice and for no reason that can be controlled by an individual.
One could even conclude, these calamities happen because of bad luck. It is said that even keeping some crystal gemstones close can change the way things are when it comes to the metaphysical realm of things. So here are some crystals you can take with you to turn the tides of luck your way.


One of the most effective protection stones, Amethyst is perfect for protecting you on your voyage against the unknown. This purple stone has tremendous healing powers and keeps one healthy and safe from unknown diseases. It brings good luck and positivity, which can often be in short supply when traveling.
Amethyst is also known to relieve stress and maintain healthy sleeping cycles which helps you deal with stressing situations like connecting flights etc. better.


This is one of the lesser-known stones in the realm of crystal healing. Like Amethyst, it is also known for its super protective abilities. There’s a very signature type of funny feeling you can get in your stomach when you have to spend long periods in an airport due to security scanners and x-rays.
Shungite has a very unique ability to shield you from that funny feeling. Its carbon-filled composition works to prevent the negative energy o x-rays to hamper your health.


As the name probably suggests, this stone derives its powers from the moon; an ancient friend of travelers. Modern times have seen the rising popularity of moonstone being used in engagement rings, but it has always been known as the traveler’s stone.
It’s a symbol of illumination and the favor of tides on voyages. Which is why Moonstone has been dubbed as the best stone for travelers.

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