Best Crystals to Keep at Your Work Desk

Everybody wants to be good at their jobs. They want to be better than they have been, and they want to breach their own previously set standards. There’s only so much coffee that you can drink to help with concentration! When it comes to the workplace, there are so many dynamics at play, all at once.

There is the aesthetic of your surroundings, the nature of your job, the hours you’re working there, etc. Sometimes this everyday schedule can have a toll on you. The mediocrity can take deep root in your mental health and make you feel like you’re not going anywhere but just living out your days.

Even the weekends start feeling the same and are no fun anymore. When you start feeling that drain on your mental health, you need intervention from forces beyond your comprehension. This is where crystal healing comes into play!

You can put some crystals on your work desk, which will help regulate your mood, keep your energy levels high, help you stay motivated, and, most importantly, make you feel productive and lively at all times. So let’s glance over this list of unique crystals!

Clear Quartz- When your problems at work are elated to concentration, Clear Quartz is your go-to crystal. Known as the master healer of all crystals, Clear Quartz will help you zero-in on your goals, and avoid distractions at the workplace.

Amethyst- Sometimes work can be really stressful. When you have deadlines you’re supposed to meet, or there’s a bulk of work which doesn’t seem to end, Amethyst can give you that much-needed sense of calm, allowing you to work efficiently.

Rose Quartz- The soft and gentle loving energy of Rose Quartz can help you remember to be compassionate towards yourself, which is easy to forget when you’re under loads of pressure to perform at your job. It will help you deal with situations where you make mistakes and disappoint yourself, easily.

Pyrite- With its golden sheen and metaphysical brilliance, you’ll be attracting more success and wealth without even realizing it. Its presence in your proximity will bring you opportunities, and give you the strength and wisdom to bring them to fruition.

Tourmalinated Quartz- This is an amalgam of two brilliant crystals. A master healer and a protector, i.e. Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline. It is a perfect crystal hybrid to get over a slump, especially when you’re feeling blockage in your creative juices or a writer’s block for example.

Chrysoprase- If your line of work requires you to be social and communicative; Chrysoprase is just the crystal you need. It will help you build better relationships and communicate more effectively.

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