Best Crystals for Unleashing Inner Strength

Sometimes we can find it hard to cope with regular life. These tough moments are when we need our toughest selves the most, leaving the vulnerability behind. Inner strength is also needed when you need to exercise some much-needed self-control, for example, when you’re trying your best to stay on a certain diet, trying to leave bad habits behind, or trying your best to stay away from your toxic ex. These situations and how we act when they arrive are the whole basis of our self-image, self-esteem, and overall confidence.
So here are the crystals that you need, to gain those inner strength muscles!

A rather lesser-known stone, Bronzite has metallic brown flecks that tend to change and move in the right light. This metallic finish and the brownish colour is where it gets its name from. It increases determination and helps us in overcoming challenges, making it a perfect contender for this list.

This stone has a blood streak like red spots and splashes here and there on a deep green colour. It can have other colours from the blood palette including rust orange and yellow. It brings courage to face life’s many challenges and strengths to increase your self-control.
Red Jasper

This red stone with dark veins and sometimes white patches will increase your determination in achieving goals you have set for yourself. It is called the stone of courage, thus making it an obvious entry on this list.

This stone looks like it’s made of orange-coloured wax with a mix of red and white here and there. Carnelian is a stone that strengthens your sense of personal empowerment. It is very adept at raising the standards for yourself, and not settling for anything less then what you deserve.

This majestic looking metallic grey iron ore mineral is known for its grounding and shielding qualities. This gemstone will help you strengthen your resilience and self-protection from outside anomalies.
Smoky Quartz

The quartz family of gemstones is full of qualities, no matter what variety we speak about. This grey-brown/black stone will strengthen one’s belief in themselves and help them take on challenges head-on without being worried much about the consequences.

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