Best Crystals for the Year 2021

Let’s face it. The year 2020 was a total waste of the most distorted proportions. Because of the on-going pandemic, all of us have had to suffer losses in some way or the other. The losses can be as simple as the loss of hair due to the stress, loss of peace, loss of employment to those many unfortunate people who have lost their loved ones to the virus.
As much as this disease has gone along, there has also been a major improvement. It is far from being eradicated, but we still have never been closer. The next year, 2021 is where we believe things will return to normalcy and life will be as we remembered it to be again.
After more than a year of a pandemic, even when things return to normal, there will be a certain buffer time and some tenderness in the transition to normalcy. To counter these uneasy feelings, one could use help from divinity.
This help comes in the form of healing crystals. Healing crystals are great tools to harness the powers of positivity and protection. They do so by interacting with the human mind, body, and spirit in ways that nothing else can. So here are a few crystals to help you get back to normalcy in 2021!
  • Turquoise: One thing that you will need the most after such a long period of distress is motivation. Turquoise is a stone that will help you get back to being your social best because it helps you channel a certain emboldening effect that you can use to be a social pariah!
  • Rose Quartz: The universal stone of love provides soft energy that helps people get back into their old patterns. It is also the perfect stone to help you counter the effects of mental health blockages that can arise from staying holed up for so long.
  • Onyx: Onyx is a great stone to dispel negativity and embrace positive energy. It will help you get some perspective on how to get back to being around so much energy of other people again.

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