Best Crystals for the Respiratory System

In this era of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are concerned with finding out ways to strengthen their immunity and especially their respiratory systems, because of what these virus attacks.
People with pre-existing weaker systems, and breathing problems, or any infections related to the lungs are many times more vulnerable to the wake of destruction this virus is making a name for. The deadly nature of the COVID-19 virus is the deadliest when it infects someone with a weak respiratory system.
People after learning about this have been practicing yoga to strengthen their lungs, researching the right things to eat for a better, stronger breathing system, and on the other hand, there are crystal healers who look for the right crystal to solve any problems they might have.
Different conditions affect different types of breathing problem symptoms. Like some people can get a runny nose because of basic cold or flu, some may get a serious asthmatic attack due to heat.
Regardless of what triggers it, we are here to learn about how crystal healing can soothe and help with healing some of these problems. As it stands, they are not a total solution for rooting out disease as serious as asthma or other respiratory problems.
For serious issues, one must go see a doctor and get a diagnosis. However, to strengthen, maintain, and help fight the symptoms of these respiratory issues, these crystals are the most effective.

Moss Agate

Moss Agate is an excellent stone for clearing out bronchia and congested lungs. It helps you understand the spiritual reasons behind the physical manifestations of such diseases.


Amber should be your go-to stone for any allergic problems such as Asthma. It absorbs, and redirects negative energies, turning them into positive healing forces.


This beautiful purple stone is one of the most famous healing crystals known for its protective energy. It is well utilized when targeting respiratory organs and breathing dysfunctions.


This crystal has a calming effect on the entire body, easing stress, anxiety, worry, and fears. For people who get agitated and have a problem with hyperventilating along with their breathing issues, can find some relief with this stone.

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