Best Crystals for Self-Improvement

We are all works in progress. None of us has cracked the code to being perfect beings in all aspects of life, but that doesn’t mean that we stop trying. Self-betterment is something most people do on various levels. It comes in many shapes and forms.
Some people exercise, some people study, and some meditate. One thing that can aid all these practices of betterment is a healing crystal. Crystal healing has been considered as an ancient way of getting better in life.
By keeping an appropriate crystal close, one can silence their demons and a positive environment for getting better. In today’s blog, we’ll focus on 3 important facets of self-betterment, i.e. strength, courage, and stamina.

For Strength:

Strength, whether physical or mental is a highly necessary quality for anyone to survive in this world. Here are some crystals that help you develop strength.
Serpentine: A very spiritual crystal, known for protection from negative energies. It promotes personal strength by clearing emotional blockages
Leopard-skin Jasper: This stone is an enormous influence on inner strength because it catalyzes personal growth.
Tiger’s Eye: Tiger’s eye is a stone that is very synonymous with people that are into crystal healing for inner strength, vitality, and confidence.

For Courage:

So many people have their energies blocked because of various degrees of fear. This fear can be crippling and very annoying while approaching things in life. Here’s how to take care of it
Bloodstone: Known as the stone of courage, this stone helps people accept changes in a better way, therefore helping them feel courageous.
Aquamarine: A gentle tempered stone, Aquamarine teaches people compassion and helps them find courage in the oddest situations.
Carnelian: By making one feel stronger, Carnelian eliminates the feelings of fear and dread.

    For Stamina:

    Once you’ve nailed down courage and strength, it’d important to find ways to sustain it. This is where you need the quality of stamina and endurance.
    Red Jasper: Known as the talisman of warriors, and the supreme nurturer, Red Jasper is the stone most used for endurance.
    Beryl: This is a stone with really intense healing properties. It is known to help people overcome mental and physical obstacles.
    Moss Agate: This green stone is synonymous with stabilization, grounding, and support growth. These qualities bring forth the stamina that one needs to deal with the calamities of life.

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