Best Crystals For Performers, Actors and Musicians

Best Crystals For Performers, Actors and Musicians
It is one thing to perform alone in front of a mirror and it is another to perform at a stadium in front of thousands of people who are cheering you all the time.
Performing live in front of a huge crowd is no easy task as it requires a lot of guts and fearless nature.
Becoming an artist is a very daunting task and which is why people respect them.
However, not everyone who aspires to be a popular artist, be it, actor, musician or performer, has that confident attitude inside them.
Sometimes people have a lot of talent but do not have the guts to go and perform in front of a crowd.
It is very natural to feel this way but one needs to overcome his fears and get over the feelings that are holding him back.
Crystals are the best way to encourage yourself and promote a sense of confidence and positivity inside your mind.
These crystals ward off every bit of negativity and toxicity from your mind and instill self-confidence inside you which propels you to new heights of success.

A few of these crystals are mentioned below:

Blue Lace Agate

This crystal is also called as the “Actor’s Stone” as it helps you to focus on your practice and boosts your communication abilities.
This stone is good to develop a composed attitude.
Blue lace agate is aligned with the Crown and Throat chakras which helps to bring your mind in sync with your voice.
This helps you to project what you think.
This stone also helps you during overwhelming situations and tackles the nervousness which comes before heading on stage.



There are no words to describe this stone.
Amethyst has been used for ages to overcome fear and anxiety and remove every element of negativity from your mind.
It is ideal for people who doubt themselves and avoid going into the crowd.
Amethyst helps such people to develop a stronger connection with wisdom and intuition.
Amethyst forms a protective shield around you that guards you against negative thoughts and toxic people and helps you to succeed in life.

Clear quartz


Before a show, it often happens that an artist has to come up with different ideas about the way in which he/she should perform but is unable to come to a conclusion due to the presence of numerous thoughts in their mind.
Clear quartz is a stone that offers clarity to your mind and makes you see the right path in the midst of chaos.
It is easy to use and it resonates with all the chakras, thereby bringing clarity and balance to body and mind.
This stone is able to amplify positive energy and clear negative energy.


This stone is useful for artists who wish to tap into a more passionate frame of mind.
This amber crystal works with the Sacral chakra which helps to motivate creativity, passion, sexuality, and bravery.
Carnelian imparts courage and stamina which is required to finish incomplete projects.
This stone also connects you to your passion which brings success, wealth and popularity.

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