Best Crystals for Libra Star Sign

Best Crystals for Libra Star Sign

Librans are born between September 23rd and October 22nd and fall under the Air element of the zodiac.

These people are well-known for their love of balance.

They are sociable, gracious and non-confrontational.

Librans can easily access the higher states of their minds and keep everything around them on a harmonious level.

They are very indecisive because they look up both the positive and negative aspects of a situation and weigh all the factors involved in it.

They can be described as diplomats, they want everyone to be happy.

It is one of the most charming and likable signs and is full of positive energy.

The crystals which are specific to the Librans help to develop these characteristics mentioned above and also assist in overcoming the traits of these people.

Below is a list of few crystals that prove to be ideal for Librans:

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

This is the most powerful Libra stone and focuses on the air element by helping you go into a deeper state of meditation.

This crystal creates a serene atmosphere around you and increases the intuitive skills that make you take the right decisions.

Lapis lazuli is beneficial for Librans who do not wish to get into an argument because it instills peace of mind and makes you express your opinion in a diplomatic way.



This stone is best suited for the indecisive Librans as it offers clarity to their minds.

Whenever you feel like you are stuck somewhere and need some spiritual guidance to make the right choice, you can always resort to apatite.

This stone connects you with your spiritual self and aids in taking the right decision.

Apatite also supports self-expression so that peaceful, calming and joyful energies of the Libra can efficiently flow through your body.




This is a stone that represents the Virgos as well as the Librans.

Known as the “Stone of Opportunity”, aventurine can either be opaque or translucent.

This stone is known to bring good luck and prosperity to these people and instills a sense of optimism inside them.

Aventurine also helps in reducing stress and improves the creativity of the Librans.

For Librans who wish to impart and joy and happiness in the world, aventurine can prove to be a good choice.


This is a stone that enhances the atmosphere of love and energy around you.

It imparts you with a sense of confidence that you have developed a strong relationship that cannot be broken at any cost.

Morganite can also be used by the Librans to communicate with their spiritual guides and take help from them.

This stone also enhances the expressive quality of the Librans and makes them more joyous and optimistic in nature.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are also other stones like jade, citrine, moonstone, bloodstone, ametrine, etc that prove to be beneficial for the Librans. They only need to believe that these stones will bring a positive change in their lives and use them accordingly.

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