Best Crystals for Libra Men and Women

The presence of gemstone crystals in our world is a gift from the divine powers that we have learned how to use efficiently for our use. The thing with gifts from divine powers is, they are connected to a lot of metaphysical aspects of life and the planet, like celestial movements, time of the year, zodiac signs, etc.
When all these aspects are perfectly aligned for a person, they are in the best place they can be mentally and physically. Similarly, every birth month and zodiac sign has gender-specific crystal gemstones that are best suited for the people coinciding with the facts.
In this blog, we’ll take a look at the best crystals for men and women of the Libra zodiac sign.
Libras are highly charismatic, charming champions of diplomacy and balance. They are ruled by Venus, and their often indecisive nature can be perceived as cunning.
They are nice people who’d never backstab their peers, but this very quality can be used against them, making them victims of plots by their competitors. Libra being an airy zodiac sign, being related to the mind and intellect, would highly benefit from a piece of golden orange-coloured Opal.
This stone has the energy that will help a Libra born to get closer to their loved ones and magnify their love towards them. Orange Opal helps put end to inactivity and promote creativity.
Although orange Opal is a good option for any Libra born, Libra men especially can benefit a lot more from various other stones too. These include Peridot, Sapphire, Agate, Tourmaline, and Aquamarine.
These will bring out the best of the positive qualities of a Libra male, like vitality, power, energy, and endurance. These stones will also positively influence digestion, sexual chakras, and solar plexus.
Libra women, however, have a lot to benefit from Tourmaline. For women, this stone stimulates imagination and sensibility. The greatest drawback of the Libran personality, indecisiveness is also mostly noticed in women more.
This can be overcome with the use of pink Tourmaline, also known as Rubellite. Other choices for Libra women include Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, Opal, Aquamarine, and Sapphire.

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