Best Crystals for Capricorn

Best Crystals for Capricorn

According to astrology, Capricorn people are the most determined among all the zodiac signs. Born between December 22nd and January 20th, they are very ambitious in life, conservative and love to help the people around them. They are also very resolute and strive hard to obtain the things that they desire. They have a lot of patience inside them and never give up very easily. Capricorns belong to the earth element of the zodiac and hence are very practical and self-reliant. Famous celebs like Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama, Bradley Cooper, and Liam Hemsworth fall under this zodiac sign. Following is a list of stones that can help Capricorn to be their true selves and realize their true potential. These stones help to aid these people in times of turmoil by supporting them emotionally and by strengthening their mind by filling it with positivity and focus. 

1. Garnet: Since Capricorns are filled with lots of energy, garnet proves to be very helpful for them as it provides support to this energy. This stone revitalizes, balances and purifies that energy and brings in serenity to their life. Garnet is also known to inspire love and devotion and alleviate emotional agony. This stone activates and strengthens the survival instinct and brings in courage and hope. Garnet is a stone of prosperity and abundance and encourages gratitude and service to others.

2. Onyx: This is a stone that bestows strength into a Capricorn to help them achieve what they desire in life. This is a powerful protection stone and absorbs and transforms the negative energy around you and also aids in preventing the drain of personal energy. Onyx encourages happiness and good fortune and also imparts self-confidence which helps you to be at ease in your surroundings. Onyx helps to ward off grief from a Capricorn’s mind and enhances self-control inside them.

3. Ruby: This is a very powerful stone for stimulating the persistence and purity of a Capricorn. It also helps to encourage joy, spontaneity, laughter, and courage. Since Capricorns are known to have big dreams, the healing energies of ruby help to support these dreams by ensuring a constant flow of positive energy inside them. This stone also encourages the removal of negative energies while you tread on the path towards success. Ruby also helps to retain wealth and passion and is considered to be very helpful for Capricorn people.

4. Blue topaz: In the field of crystal healing, topaz is known for its powers of manifestation. This stone is a crystal of joy, generosity, abundance and good health. This is also known as a stone of love and good fortune and helps to promote a very positive atmosphere inside the mind of Capricorn people. Blue topaz releases tension and encourages relaxation and enhances the emotional attachment with self and your loved ones. This stone also symbolizes honesty and helps to gain wisdom by promoting clear communication.

There are multiple ways by which Capricorns can utilize these stones for their benefit which includes wearing them in the form of jewelry as well. It is important to know that these stones are there to help the Capricorn people, provided they believe in them.

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