Best crystals for boosting your immunity

Best crystals for boosting your immunity
The ongoing pandemic of the coronavirus has yet again shed light on the importance of building immunity. Having a good immune system is necessary to reduce your chances of contracting different viruses and for maintaining good health. Strong immunity is ensured by multiple body systems working in sync and contributing to strengthening the immune system.
Immunity can also be affected by your mood which is why it is important to keep yourself happy and optimistic. Healing crystals can be used to keep yourself emotionally stable and to support bodily functions. Following is a list of four such crystals:


This is a very protective and powerful healing crystal. It strengthens the immune system as well as cleanses the organs. Amethyst is an excellent blood cleanser and relieves negative emotions like anger, depression, stress etc. It eases headache and relieves insomnia.
Amethyst is considered as a natural tranquillizer and balances your emotional highs and lows to promote tranquillity.


This crystal is considered a natural antibiotic and is useful for infection and fever. This crystal can provide effective relief for infants and children by absorbing pain and negativity from their body. Amber also enables the body to recover its balance and heal itself.
It helps to relieve stress and emotional turmoil which helps in maintaining mental stability.


This crystal is an excellent choice for alleviating excessive immune reactions such as asthma and allergies. Known as the stone of courage, aquamarine imparts strength to meet any challenge. It brings soothing energies that help diminish stress and calm the mind.
These qualities of aquamarine help to strengthen your immune system.


This is a powerful crystal that can cleanse and clear toxins from the body. Fluorite wand massage is done for those undergoing detoxification. This crystal influences the immune system by activating prominent core chakras such as Third eye and Throat chakra.
You can use fluorite to increase regeneration in the physical body.

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