Benefits of Tourmaline Crystals

Benefits of Tourmaline Crystals

The ‘stone mixed with vibrant colors’ is what Tourmaline means in the Singhalese phrase ‘Tura Mali’. The crystals, as the name suggests, ranges from vibrant yellow to green, from blue to magenta and even black, are quite similar to granite stone. It is next to impossible to find two of the Tourmaline crystals of the same color and they are known as the protector stones.

The Tourmaline crystals are quite powerful, powerful to an extent that some consider them supernatural, but, that is not the fact. They are natural crystals with an immense power source with emitting negative ions, far infrared rays, and electric charge.

The Tourmaline crystals are found in almost every part of the world, but more important places have an abundance of the crystals, places such as Tanzania, USA, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Australia, Madagascar, Kenya, Pakistan, Mozambique, and Africa.

The benefits

• Harmony and balance

The Tourmaline crystals are known to provide a sense of harmony and balance in a person’s life. It makes a person aware of when the work needs to be done and when he needs to back off and relax.

• Releases emotional stress

The crystals release emotional stress in a person and help him to lead a happy and joyful life. The person is able to enjoy each aspect of his life without the burden of stress.

• Creates emotional balance

The Tourmaline crystals help in balancing the emotions and gets rid of the negative emotions like anger, jealousy, anxiety, and such to help you lead a happy and carefree life. It helps in moving away from the past and understanding that whatever happened then was not in your control. This helps you move on.

• Health benefits

The crystals emit far infrared rays that help in detoxification and boost the immune system, thereby, preparing the body to fight diseases and ailments. The powerful crystal is known to treat many other ailments such as
- Reducing water retention
- Improving blood circulation
- Aids fat loss
- Eliminates toxic metals
- Reduces free fatty acids

• Physical performance

Olympic champions swear by the Tourmaline crystals. They vouch for the increased and efficient physical performance after the use of therapeutic gemstone. The gemstone increases blood circulation, thereby, increasing vitality and vigor in the person using it.

• Overcome Fears

Since the gemstone calms and relaxes the mind, it enhances positive thinking and subsequently, the person is able to overcome all his fears, physical and emotional.

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