Benefits and Healing Properties of Jasper

Jasper is an Earth element stone, which means that it is associated with the properties such as grounding, stability, and a divine sense of connectivity with the natural world, like most Earth element stones.
It is known commonly as the supreme nurturer amongst crystal healing practitioners because of its quality of bringing you a sense of fulfillment. The user will experience a great surge of relaxation and contentment whenever they spend some time connecting with their Jasper stone.
A stone with slow vibration and a greater sense of stability, Jasper is perfect for people looking for an emotional neutralizer to calm their mind-space and emotional body.
It is a pillar of support when times are tough, and has been known to provide tranquility and wholeness in times of high stress and problems. It absorbs, reflects, and protects people from environmental and electromagnetic radiation so that they don’t interfere with your biological cycles and thought procedure.
When it comes to providing balance, it is well known to tip the scales perfectly for most of your conflicting aspects. This can be your over or under emotional sides, bad and good, yin-yang sides, or your feminine and masculine aspects.
For people who are still struggling to recognize themselves, and face who they are, Jasper provides a deeper self-reflection, combined with the strength of will to face and accept it as well.
This flawed self-image can also lead to feelings of not being in control, taking a backseat in your own life, and letting things happen to you as watch like an observer. Jasper’s influence in your life will make you actively take the driver’s wheel, and make decisions that are necessary for your wellbeing.
Jasper gives you the ability to feel more witty and confident in yourself, and develop quick thinking and wit. It also improves your sex life, by improving libido and enhanced pleasure from the act. It does so by stimulating the base chakra.
Jasper takes the imagination to a next level where you find yourself thinking deeper with a better perspective. This makes you more creative and the more chance to harness your motivation and create something out of all the energy you hold within yourself.

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