Bad reaction to a crystal?

Bad reaction to a crystal

More and more people are now using crystal healing as a means to achieve complete physical, emotional and spiritual balance. These stones bring about calmness, positivity, and tranquility to your mind that helps in the overall healing process. These people believe in the power of these crystals and rely upon them while using them for a variety of purposes. There is an endless list of stones that you can use for treating problems ranging from stress and anxiety to arthritis and diabetes. You name the problem and there are high chances that there will be a crystal associated with it. These crystals constantly emit energies that interact with your body to promote healing. However, not all crystals are meant for you and if you ever choose a wrong crystal for healing then you are able to immediately observe its side effects. Though such experiences are not very common in this world, still there are a few who need attention. 

Common side effects of a bad reaction with a crystal include nausea, headache, burning sensation, negativity, nightmares etc. There are many reasons behind having a bad reaction with a crystal. For example, it is highly possible that the crystal contained some negative energy when you purchased it from the store. If you had forgotten to cleanse that crystal before using, then the negative entities that it had picked up along its journey from the mine to the shop would have messed up with your mind and body. 

It is also possible that the crystal has healed you on a spiritual level by triggering the detoxification process, thereby causing negative energies to surface from your body. If this is the case then it is actually a good sign because this means that those negative energies are about to leave your body completely. And lastly, bad reactions with a crystal are also caused if that crystal is simply not meant for you. If you do not feel drawn to a crystal, then there are high chances that your body is repelling that crystal which is causing the side effects. Whatever may be the reason, once you start feeling negative effects while working with a crystal you should immediately discontinue using it. Also, cleanse the crystal immediately once you experience a bad reaction from it. In case you are still experiencing the negative effects even after cleansing, then it means that the crystal is not meant for you.

Working with crystals should always be smooth and filled with good vibes. These gems have been gifted to us by nature and there is still a lot more we need to learn about them. Identify which crystals are right for you and then you are bound to experience a positive change in your life.

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