Awaken Your Sensual Energy Using Crystals

Crystals have been used for years to awaken the sensual energies within an individual. These crystals have metaphysical properties that help you to bring up your passionate side and indulge in the act of love with all your heart and energy.
Using crystals for this purpose sends vitalizing energy directly to your root and sacral chakras. By activating the energy centres that control your desire and physical output, crystals for sensuality create a shift in your subtle body and emotional state, Following is a list of few such crystals:

Rose quartz

This stone is called the “Universal Stone of Love” for a reason. The vibrations of this stone open the passionate side of your mind and make you love your partner intimately. This stone also helps to increase self-love that leads to more understanding and communication.


The deep and bright orange rays of this stone penetrate and fill you with joy and pleasure. The captivating energies of this crystal bring a rush of warmth and joy that lingers, stimulating and empowering. This energy empowers the reproductive organs of both sexes and increases fertility. Carnelian also helps to alleviate jealousy and is helpful in overcoming sexual anxieties.

Red Jasper

This stone invigorates the libido and prolongs sexual excitement. This crystal energizes and cleanses the sacral chakra and its related organs. This crystal activates the root chakra and teaches you to express your sensuality without guilt or shame.


This crystal opens the heart chakra and stimulates emotional balance by teaching you how to open to your heart to love, generosity and self-recognition. This crystal also inspires forgiveness and compassion in romantic relationships. You can use this stone to cultivate a loving exchange of passionate sexual energy.

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